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I went to see Sam Mak on recommendation of one of my sports instructors after snapping my wrist in two. I was fretting about having to wait ages for physio on the NHS, so booked an appointment as soon as I was out of the cast/had my pins removed.

Sam was super helpful, really friendly and pretty positive about the whole thing. Happy to report that with his help the recovery was pretty swift. Got the whole range of movement back and gently returning to combat sports.

On my final check up appointment at the hospital the doctor was surprised with the speed and the quality of the recovery...

So, you should do the following:

1. Go see Sam!
2. Do the exercises he gives you.


Sam Mak at Focal Physio is both friendly and professional. His wealth of knowledge in physiotherapy and sports recovery provides upmost reasurrance for patients to identify the source of the problem - ultimately helping the healing process for any aches, discomfort, injuries or pain.

I highly recommend booking in a session with him to radically improve your health and wellbeing.


I've been a regular, monthly customer of Sam's for a while now. It quickly became obvious that he is not only an excellent masseur but also a very capable physiotherapist. He takes an real interest in making the most of the session to give the most benefit to me which I appreciate greatly. Sam is also a great guy to unwind with and share stories with - I found myself looking forward to this as much as the treatment! That is, until he finds a really painful spot and you can't talk anymore. Ouch!

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